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Like Family

If you’re just joining me on my surrogacy journey, I recommend you start here.


I wrote about transfer day, but I forgot to write about the day before the transfer! I want to make sure it’s recorded because I don’t want to forget the feeling.

Backing up even further to May 31st. Around dinner time I got an email from “the boys” telling me that they’d just landed in L.A., were headed to the lab for blood work in the morning and then off for their little vacation. Wouldn’t you know it, I had an appointment at the lab for blood work, too!! Turns out, our appointments were 30 minutes apart! We went out for coffee after our appointments and got to talk a bit. It’s interesting how language and words can be confusing at times. My boys, living in London but originally from France, were planning on visiting a national park and asked me if they had beers. I tried to think if I knew the rules on alcohol in the parks and whether or not you could bring/buy alcohol there. Then they said the word again: bears! Oy! (yes, not 3 days later a contestant on Jeopardy! spoke about teaching French high schoolers the difference between beer and bear)

The boys had their vacation plans with their specimen drop-off in the middle. We’d planned a month or so ago that Em and I would spend the Saturday before the transfer with the boys because they wanted to attend church on Sunday and also because they knew that Sundays tend to be crazy-busy for us. Of course, this was before we were told that the transfer could happen that Sunday. But we kept our Saturday date anyway.

June 1st the boys, Em and I spent the afternoon at Corona del Mar State Beach. We let Em go down to the wet sand to play and M, K and I got to really talk. We talked about our childhoods, our teenage years, Em, the possibility of transferring TWO embryos instead of just one; just about EVERYTHING. It was like we were long lost family re-uniting and realizing we knew we liked each other for a reason. Nothing was off limits in the discussion and there was no awkwardness.

At one point Em took M down to the waterline to show him how to dig for sandcrabs and she even went out with him when he decided to brave the cold ocean water.

After the beach we went to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton (Em’s favorite place) and M and Em had a mean tic-tac-toe competition. Em’s used to friends going easy on her and letting her win most of the time. M made her work for her wins and I think she really enjoyed that!

The best part of the day, for me, was the fact that M and K stayed at my parents’ house for the night! Not only did my parents offer to let them stay, the boys felt comfortable enough with my parents to accept the offer. I don’t know how the night ended or how the next morning started, but it was just like having family in town for the weekend. 



Because I’ve been bored/anxious/impatient, I’ve been taking at least one hpt (home pregnancy test) a day, starting on the evening of day 1 (I’ve mentioned that I’m impatient, right?). I’d previously ordered little test strips that are cheap yet effective. You can buy 25 of these for the price of 1 box of the standard tests you find at drug stores.

Even though they may not actually be more sensitive than the drug store tests, I feel better throwing away $1 each day, rather than $10. But, of course, these aren’t as fun to show people (i.e. the boys) when they show positive, so I bought some “real” tests.

I also bought the “fun” tests, because technology is awesome and there’s no mistaking the read-out on these babies:

And those digital tests are great for sending pictures or showing on the internet.

Like this:




That’s right!


When I got home from work yesterday, I had a bit of time to kill before I picked up Em from her double-class at gymnastics.

So, because I’m impatient, I tested.

I know it’s hard to see if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The bright maroon stripe on the right is the control line; that one always shows up. To the left of that stripe, under the upside down “m” of the “mL” is a faint stripe. It’s easier to see if you focus on the white space to the left of the control line. While it doesn’t seem like much, that little faint line doesn’t  show up unless you have at least 10 mL of hCG in your system.

So when I was at my mom’s house, I tested on the pink test:


This is the picture I sent to the boys. Just like the cheap test, it doesn’t matter how faint the non-control line is; the fact that it’s there means you’re pregnant.

Like all expectant parents, the boys are thrilled. Late-night stroller shopping and checking out parenting websites and reading and re-reading my blog posts.

So, at 4dp5d, I was hpt pregnant.

It’s not “official” until the Beta next Thursday, but it counts for me!


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  1. Jessica

    I hope your “boys” are ready for twins! 4dp5dt=twinkies. 😉 That’s when i got my BFP and I do not know anyone carrying a singleton who had a BFP that early. 😉 Congrats to you all. It is all very exciting.
    Jessica recently posted..Belly pictures? WHY NOT?


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