Me dreams are killing me

If transfer day was Day 1, today is Day 5. I’ve had one embryo in me for 5 days, and the embryo itself is now 10 days old. My BETA (blood test to verify if I’m pregnant) is scheduled for Friday the 20th. Of course, being the impatient person that I am, I want to know NOW if I am, in fact, pregnant.

Add to the mix seeing a bunch of people yesterday who know I’m going to be a surrogate but don’t read my blog, I was forever repeating myself that I DON’T know yet if I’m pregnant and really, who does only 5 days after the fertilized egg hits their uterine lining??

But because I’m answering these questions over and over (and will again in about 1 hour at church), I keep asking myself the question: when will I know??

I bought two types of pregnancy tests: Wondfo strips and Clearblue digital tests. The more expensive Clearblue is so I can show “the boys” the gloriously perfect words “PREGNANT.” The Wondfos are similar to what health clinics use to test for HCG: small little strips that are $5 for a pack of 25. I had planned to start POAS (Peeing On A Stick) (hey, you’re reading about a woman trying to get pregnant; did you think the word “pee” wouldn’t show up?!?) on the 16th, just 6 days after my transfer (or 6dp5d as the gals in my support group would say (6 days post 5-day embryo transfer)).

But my curiosity yesterday got the best of me. I opened up the Wondfo pack and gave it a try: Big Fat Negative (BFN). I’m not surprised, but I thought maybe I was superwoman and would have already started producing large amounts of HCG. No worries, I’ll try again another day.

And then I went to bed. And, BOY, did I have some vivid dreams!! TWICE I dreamt that I was POAS and it came up Big Fat Positive!! And both times I woke up right after that part and had to remind myself that it was just a dream.

See? TWICE!!


So not fair!

So, what did I do when I got up this morning? Yup, tested again.


That’s ok. It’s still very early. A gal in my support group had her transfer 5 days before me and she’s just now getting a faint Positive on her tests.

So I just need to be patient.

But I know I won’t be. Not with the whole world asking every time they see me if I’m pregnant yet.

Trust me, as soon as I find out, and after I tell the boys, and after I tell my mom, THEN you’ll know.

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