Meds Week 3

All’s quiet on the home-front.

I stopped taking my birth control pills last Tuesday (woohoo!). Gone are the headaches in the evening and the nausea in the evenings.

This week my needle usage will increase from 7 to 11! In addition to my daily Lupron shots (which I get to decrease to .5mg), my wonderful mother will be administering Delestrogen in the upper, outer quadrant of my gluteal muscle (yup, top of my butt) every three days, starting tonight. I have to draw the drug into the 1mL syringe with a 18 gauge needle and inject it with an 22 gauge needle. It’s a small amount, only 2mg, but it can be painful. To counter the pain, I usually ice the spot where she’ll inject the hormone until it’s numb and then put a warm compress on it afterward. During my last cycle, this helped tremendously in reducing the pain and lumps that can occur with this injection.

The point of taking the Delestrogen is to increase the thickness of my uterine lining. By forcing me to have a menstrual cycle (dropping the BCP) and then starting me on Delestrogen, my doctor can control how thick my uterine lining will get. The thicker the uterine lining, the stronger the chance that the embryo will “stick” to it and result in a pregnancy. In my surrogacy support group on Facebook, the gals all send “sticky vibes” to each other when they head for the transfer.

Another blood test at the end of this week to monitor my estrogen level and see if I need to increase the amount of Delestrogen I’m taking or if it’s working fine as-is.

Only 3 more weeks!!!

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