Miss Swann

It’s official: “the boys” are having a girl!

The very happy daddies accompanied me to my ultrasound appointment, along with my Mom and Em. The technician was very kind and didn’t seem phased one way or the other to have so many people watching the small screen.

Clear as day, we were able to see that my little stowaway was a girl and I’ve since nicknamed her “Miss Swann” as the boys have not yet decided on a name for their little princess.

It’s hard to take clear pictures of an ultrasound screen, but here’s one of the better ones my mom took.


Em was very excited to see the baby and the boys were nearly speechless. And just as we got a clear shot of Miss Swann’s head and arms, she moved and it looked like she was waving to us all!

Such an amazing experience to have the boys here to see their little girl. I can only hope they get to feel her kicking before they leave this weekend.


(Want more pics? Click here!)

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