My Date with Two Men

I finally got to meet the boys in person!! Woohoo! We basically got to spend the whole day together on Sunday.

After flying in Saturday night, the boys met me Sunday morning at my church for worship. I enthusiastically greeted each with a hug which, in hindsight, may have been a bit too enthusiastic. What can I say? I’m a hugger! I introduced them to some friends of mine and they sat with my family and me. As per our normal worship, we were invited to stand up and greet our neighbors. I think the boys got to see why I was so eager to hug them: I come from a hugging church! Most of the folks who greeted the boys were more reserved than I was and chose to just shake their hands. I let them introduce themselves but didn’t explain to those who don’t regularly read my blog just exactly who they were, and no one really asked. Except one. One man asked how it was that we knew each other. I smiled and told him I was going to be their surrogate and the man smiled and said, “Great!” It felt good to hear (and to have the boys hear) that my a random person in my church was instantly pleased to hear what we’d be doing together.

After church we headed to Disneyland, just the boys and me (well, ok, Dad was there too, but only for technical reasons). We spent about 7 hours there riding rides, eating and just getting to know each other. And it felt GREAT! It was like I was reuniting with long-lost friends. Conversation flowed fairly easy (considering English is not their first language) and we talked about EVERYTHING! They talked a lot more about themselves because they’ve been reading my blog and they felt like they already knew so much about me. I had such a good time with them and am sad that they had to leave so soon.

I cannot wait to get this surrogacy under way (well, technically I can. I have to. My paperwork doesn’t get signed until Friday). These two are going to be fabulous parents and I look forward to continuing this relationship with them!

I wish I could show you their handsome faces, but to protect their identity (as per the legal agreement), I can’t. :( But believe me, we had a great time!

2 thoughts on “My Date with Two Men

  1. cindi

    I have a friend going through the surrogate process and I am interested in hearing the rest of your story. What a selfless gift. *link removed by author*


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