Oh, Boy, Let Me Tell You…

“Are you one of those girls that takes forever to get ready?”

As a matter of fact, I am. There’s a reason I ask anyone I go out with (as a friend or as a date) to give me at least 3 weeks notice. See, first I have to figure out when I can shave my legs; if I shave too soon after the last time, I get razor burn. So that takes some considerable planning and re-working my shower schedule. Then I have to make a pedicure appointment. I don’t like to get my toes done if my legs aren’t shaved because then I feel bad for the poor woman applying the sugar scrub. So I have to figure out where the pedicure fits into my leg-shaving schedule. If you’ve caught me near the time when I get my hair done, I have to see if my stylist can squeeze me in so my grey hairs aren’t showing, and it can be quite hard to moveĀ that appointment around. In an ideal world I’d get my pedicure right after my hair appointment but you’d beĀ amazed at how impossible that can be. Next on the list if deciding what I’m going to wear; if the shirt I want isn’t clean, I have to rearrange the laundry schedule with my daughter and my roommate.

Once those are all worked out and planned, the rest of it is easy. Makeup and styling my hair take very little time.

So… are you available in October? That’s when it’s easiest for me to get all of my ducks in a row without having to put too much effort into looking good for you.

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