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If you haven’t heard about my journey to be a surrogate, please go here first.

Today’s Skype session went very well. The call started late as the coordinator, “Kate,” had a last-minute schedule “snafu” that got in the way, but once we all got to talking it went smoothly.

I’m glad I’d seen pictures of “the boys” before because their webcam wasn’t the most up-to-date and their faces were quite pixelated. The call was mostly business, talking about what appointments they’d be present for, how many babies they wanted out of this pregnancy (singleton, twins, triplets, etc.), how much or little they wanted to communicate with me, what our relationship expectations are, etc. We talked about the amount of time it would take to go from where we are now to pregnancy and about our personal and family backgrounds.

“The boys” are planning a trip out here next month (eek!!) so we can meet face-to-face, though it’s unlikely they’d be in the U.S. later for the transfer of the embryo; while it’s a very?important step in surrogacy, it’s also one of the most boring parts.

I am very pleased with how the call went; “the boys” seem very nice and very excited to start a family. And they got to “meet” “Em” as she snuck by me to get something from across the room; she even showed them the mask for her Halloween costume!

The main next step is for them to confirm with the coordinator that they do in fact want to have me as their surrogate. And that confirmation should come via email from them to the coordinator by end-of-day tomorrow!


As a side note, their accents are gorgeous!!


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