Please Don’t Let Go

When a basic “I’m sorry” isn’t enough, 140 characters and/or email isn’t personal enough, speaking on the phone will likely cause more confusion because of all the dead air between phrases and speaking face-to-face isn’t a possibility…

I’m leaning over the edge of a cliff with only one person holding the rope tied around my waist. If I don’t say anything, that already loose grip will let go and I will fall into a black hole with no way of climbing out. If I don’t get these words right, I might as well jump on my own. But taking the time to get the words right is what blinded and led me to this precarious situation in the first place.

I’m going to lose. I can feel it. There are no magic words. Honesty is the best policy, but what if there is not a “right” forum in which to speak? No superhero will be coming my way to intercede and speak on my behalf.

I want to say the right thing. I want to be able to explain it all. But I don’t know how. There is no guarantee that “the right words” will fix anything. But remaining silent will not repair the damage, either.


I fucked up. Plain and simple. And I don’t see anything that will let me feel that tug backwards into safety.

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