So tonight is the first time I’ll be injecting Lupron. I’m not a needle-phobe like some people I know (*cough* Mom!); I have no problem watching the nurses at the Red Cross take my blood donation or watching lab techs draw blood (once had 17 vials taken when I was getting ready for the kidney donation). But I’ve never given myself shots.

I know I said I was going to have my mom administer the shot (she has no problem giving shots, but taking them is another story), but after speaking with the nurse today, I learned that the shot goes in my stomach, just in that pinch-able area near my belly button (the same area I’ve been trying to eliminate with my workouts!). So, I figure I’ll give it a try on my own. If I completely chicken out or if I screw it up, Mom is just a phone call away.

Bonus? My left side is still mostly numb from my kidney donation, so only half of the injections will hurt.

So, after my church meetings tonight, I’ll be trying my first injection.

Wish me luck!

Update @ 10:10 PM

I did it! I successfully administered my first shot of Lupron. Of course, I cheated: I did the left of my navel which is still numb four years after my kidney donation. Didn’t hurt a bit! 😉


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