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Sanity Tip: Food Prep

As a single mom, dinnertime for me can be stressful. With my daughter’s crazy gymnastics schedule, it can be difficult to get dinner prepared and served in enough time for her to eat and get ready for bed at a decent hour.

I’ve been buying food at Costco and separating the bulk items, vacuum-sealing them into portions for two and freezing them for future dates. But nowadays it’s not always just two of us eating in my kitchen; sometimes “Brad” eat with us, too. Occasionally that means I have to defrost more than enough for the three of us and then use up the leftover portion the next night or so. It can leave us uneven for a few days.

Tonight I had an “Aha!” moment.

I’d bought some tri-tip last week and put it in the fridge with the thought that I would cook some on one night and freeze the rest for another time. Just as I was getting ready to put them into the oven, a thought struck me: why don’t I cook all of the meat but leave the ones we won’t eat tonight slightly undercooked? My mom had suggested that to me when we first moved out of their house, and I’ve done that many times. But I took my food prep one step further: individually vacuum-sealed pieces of meat!

It really seems like such a “duh!” moment. But I’m quite glad I finally thought of it!



Score one point for Mama! Or, rather, five points. One for each portion.