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4th Grade/G.A.T.E.

Em’s day was full of firsts! First day at a new school, first day in a school uniform, first day as an upper-grader and first day of G.A.T.E. (Gifted And Talented Education). And she was excited, for lack of a better word.




Last night we packed her backpack to the brim with all of the supplies from the list I was given last week. She commented that it was heavy and I told her that it gets worse when she goes to middle school and has one textbook per class. When we arrived at her classroom this morning, many of her classmates had rolling backpacks, so we just might go that route. Especially since there was a gift for each child on their desks. Books, books and MORE books! I’m hoping they only come home occasionally.


Luckily her school started on a Wednesday, which means session is over at 12:25, so we have time before gymnastics to go shirt shopping. The information the G.A.T.E. parents were given at orientation and the registration packet I received last week never mentioned that the uniform shirts are to be purchased from a specific vendor due to an embroidered school logo. So now we have to return all of the shirts I ordered 5 weeks ago and buy new shirts in Anaheim. Yay communication…

I’m sure Em will have a great time in her new class. I just hope school-to-parent communication improves as the weeks go by.