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Picture 245

My Child, My Sister

Picture 245Something wonderful happened this past Sunday.

Em joined our church.

Em has been attending worship services and kids’ activities in our church her entire life. She’s been a member of the children’s choir and led worship services. She’s attended summer camps and bible studies. But she technically wasn’t a member.

Membership in the church is a personal choice. Em decided to answer the minister’s question that is asked of all people seeking to join our church: “Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and do you proclaim Him Lord of your life and Savior of the world?” Em chose to stand up in front of the entire congregation and proclaim, “YES!” Em decided that participation wasn’t enough for her, she wanted to make a statement that she is committed to our church and to following Christ’s example in her life. She wanted to be counted among the members of our congregation.

Em has also chosen to take another big step in her faith journey: baptism.

As an infant, Em was dedicated by a former associate minister, a small ceremony in which the whole congregation promises to help raise the child with love and knowledge of Christ. Baptism in our church is traditionally a choice made by a child, youth or adult when they feel they are ready to make that public proclamation of faith. Em has chosen to have our current interim pastor baptize her this coming Sunday. She and 5 other kids in our congregation (who also joined the church this past Sunday) will all be baptized in our sanctuary during our worship service.

There was never any doubt in my mind that Em would join the church and be baptized in her faith. Her thirst for knowledge and understanding of Christianity has always made me proud. I’m sure I’ll be crying when she comes out of the water and joins me in the church not only as my daughter, but also as my sister in Christ.

Thoughts – November 27, 2011

Today was the first Sunday our new Interim Senior Minister participated and preached in our worship. Part of his sermon included asking the congregation to tell the person sitting next to them a brief story of when they last saw God or an act of God in their life. Now, I’m not one to usually see God in my own life, but today I had no problem identifying one.

My dad’s parents both have Alzheimer’s and as such we had a separate Thanksgiving dinner with them on Friday so they wouldn’t have anxiety from being around people they didn’t know. As usual, the conversation was quite looped, both of them commenting over and over on the new floors my dad just finished installing and asking if they’d ever been to my parents’ house before. But my God moment came as we finally sat around the dinner table.

Grandpa prayed.

Grandpa said the same type of prayer he always said at any holiday dinner: heartfelt, thankful and proper (thee and thy).

For one short prayer, God brought my grandpa back.

And that is what I am thankful for this year.

God + Jesus = Cookie Dough

Now that “Em” and I live closer to church, we’ve walked to Sunday worship the past two weeks. It’s a little over a mile and a half from our house, so it gives us about 30 minutes of uninterrupted talk time. And being that it’s Sunday morning, most of our talks end up being centered around faith, belief and religion.

This morning’s talk started out with Em asking why cheetahs were so fast. We talked about evolution, revisiting the topic for the second time. And as with the first time we talked about evolution, we talked about creation. And it basically boiled down to God, Jesus and the Spirit knowing all the answers to our questions.

And that led us into the discussion of whether God, Jesus and the Spirit are the same or separate. Did God send His only Son to the earth to be sacrificed for our sins, or was it really God in a form we could better understand?

Em struggled to imagine how God could be God and Jesus at the same time. And I racked my brain for an explanation that a 7-year-old could understand. It’s not like I could have her imagine an amoeba or a cell splitting into two identical but different pieces.

And then the image of cookie dough popped into my head. If you take a handful of dough out of the mixing bowl, it’s still dough, just a different size, a smaller version of the whole that it came from. And when you put it back into the mixing bowl, it’s part of the whole and after you mix and knead it, you can’t tell where the little piece was pulled from. It’s all the same.

So, Em and I are pretty sure God is a bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough.