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All Love, NOH8

Miss Swann is officially welcome to make her entrance: Em, the boys and I had our pictures taken yesterday!


HUGE thanks to Jessica Chapman (who coincidentally is the sister of the friend I’d offered to be a surrogate for that led to my working with my agency and meeting the boys) for asking if she could take NOH8 pictures of us! I cannot wait to see the finished product.


Brad was on hand to take behind-the-scenes pictures with my iPhone and did a great job! Check out this fun little slideshow I made with Qwiki (I’m having trouble embedding it on my site, so you’ll have to click the link to see it in another window).


I’ll upload some of these pictures to my surrogacy pictures page in the next couple of days and you can bet the real pictures will be posted when I receive them!


Oh!! And don’t forget to participate in the poll I have on the right side of this website: when do you think Miss Swann will arrive?