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The Little Lie

I do my best to remain truthful in all aspects of my life, including avoiding “white lies.” My non-essential memory bank tends to resemble room temperature Swiss cheese: little holes where things can just slip through and the rest is kinda gummy that holds on tightly to things that land on it. Phone numbers for elementary-school friends are in the gummy section, lies easily fall through the holes. Aside from the generic “Okay” response to the person in the elevator that asks how I’m doing, I try to remain honest.

But there’s this little lie I’ve been telling people I don’t know well, mostly people in my office building. I’ve been telling this little lie for a few months and I’ve told it twice today.

Twice today two people who don’t know each other told me at different times of the day that my pants are looking like they’re going to fall off. I replied, as I do anytime someone says something like that, with, “Oh, thank you,” kinda blushed a little and tried to avoid their eyes… because I knew what they were going to say next and I knew I was going to tell them a lie.

“How are you losing weight?” or “What’s your secret?”

Because people in my office don’t need to know the intimate details of my mind or emotions, because people in my office don’t know anything about me aside from my typing speed, because I know my voice will catch and my eyes will start to water, because I know the truth hurts me more than the lie hurts them… I lie.

“Oh, just paying closer attention to what I eat.”

Because people in my office don’t need to know that break-up depression is affecting my appetite. Because people in my office don’t need to know that I’ll be hungry, start to cook something, and then remember how he liked it or how he’d put red pepper flakes all over it or that he didn’t like it, and suddenly my heart is in my throat making it hard to swallow, my stomach is churning and threatening nausea, my mind is rapidly running down guilt-trip lane and I can’t think about food anymore.

Because people in my office don’t need to know that break-up depression is the most effective diet I’ve been on in years.

Because people in my office don’t need to know this, I tell a little lie.

05-17 and 05-22 side  comparison

DietBet – Week 6, Day 3

Another week, another game lost. I’m down $50 now. I’m still seeing steady progress in my inch loss and the scale is slowly showing a loss as well. It’s getting easier to maintain my calorie deficit, but weekends are still a struggle.

This week I start a new DietBet, my own challenge. If I’ve inspired anyone to lose some weight, why not join me in the new game? http://bit.ly/104UjSA



Current weight: 165.2 lbs
Time spent exercising: 1194

 DietBet 3DietBet 4
Weigh-in Weight172.4168.6
% gained or lost-4.18%-2.02%




I am quite excited that I’m already past my goal for the game that is ending next week. The pot is high, but there are a lot of people who’ve already hit their goal, so I may only end up winning less than my total bets so far. And I have 12 days to hit my goal for my fourth game.

Last week I started Week 3 in my Jillian Michaels’ “Ripped in 30” workout DVD and I still have 2 more days before I should progress to Week 4. I do feel like I’m getting stronger: I was able to complete my Bear Crawl without needing to stop! (You get on your hands and knees, lift your knees off the ground about and inch – you’re standing on your hands and toes – and walk forward 4 steps and back 4 steps, left hand moving with the right foot, right hand moving with the left foot. Go ahead, try it! For 30 SECONDS!)

And though I’ve lost inches since my last measurement, my weight is up slightly (not enough to make me freak out) and apparently the lighting in my room sucks. I actually look bigger than last week!

05-17 and 05-22 front comparison

05-17 and 05-22 side  comparison


I’ll probably go on a bike ride today instead of using my DVD; I’ve got a lot of emotional crap going on and riding my bike seems to help.

DietBet – Week 5, Day 5

So I’m down to three games this week. My own game ended Monday with my weight being higher than where I started. I keep telling myself that I’m losing weight the right way, by watching what I’m eating, increasing my activity and having a caloric deficit at the end of the day. So I didn’t win my first game. But I lost inches, and that’s good.

I used a different scale this morning to check my weight, so I’ll have to double weigh myself again tomorrow morning on my normal scale, but I like the results I got from today’s! And check out the stats for DietBet 3… remember the rules of the game? Lose 4% of your starting weight…



Current weight: 164.6 lbs
Time spent exercising: 1105 minutes

DietBet 2

DietBet 3

DietBet 4

Weigh-in weight




% gained or lost












-1.7 inches

-2.85 inches

-1.3 inches

-1 inch

-0.75 inches

-0.1 inches

-0.6 inches


I haven’t measured myself today, so my inch loss hasn’t changed. But I’m guessing by the progress pictures I’m about to show you, I’ve lost a little bit more. I look forward to measuring myself tonight.

Author’s edit: I measured myself this evening pre-workout. The numbers are now current.

I finally noticed a difference in my size today! Something about the way my shirt fit when I got dressed made me take a second glance in the mirror. Finally, FINALLY, some visible progress to match how hard I’ve been working!

This week I started Week 3 of Jillian Michaels’ “Ripped in 30” workout DVD. The workout session seems to go much faster than the previous 2 weeks, but Oh. My Goodness. This session is killer!! So much leg work I feel like I can hardly walk when I’m done! I’m not as sore the next day as I anticipated and I feel like I can do more (can’t keep the same pace as Jillian and her minions) and my form is better. I might go back to weeks 1 and 2 before I start week 4. But, man, oh man, am I seeing results.


6 week front comparison 04.02.13 thru 05.17.13


6 week side comparison 04.02.13 thru 05.17.13


And just in case there are doubts, I was NOT sucking in my stomach during today’s pictures! In fact, I kept thinking I wasn’t relaxed, that my stomach should have been rounder than that!

So my next game, my own game starts up late next week. I’m hoping that if I just keep doing what I’m doing (1800 caloric intake, Jillian Michaels, 160-170 grams of protein…) I’ll actually win at my own game! If you’d like to join me, you know what to do: http://bit.ly/104UjSA


Author’s edit: Okay, so I can’t help myself. I had to put the first picture and today’s picture side-by-side. I’m sure I’m bragging or sounding conceited right now, but honestly, it’s just pride in myself and my accomplishments so far.

04.02.13 vs. 05.17.13