That place

There is a place that cannot be found on purpose. You can do your best to navigate there, but reaching the destination is not soley dependent on your decisions; you cannot get there unless someone else chooses to head there, too. And you don’t know you’re in this place until you have already walked through the archway.

This place is bright green and yellow, soothing blue and blinding white. It is silent and a complete orchestra made of brass and strings. It is calm and it is running wild.

This place is soft and high above the skyline. It stops your heart and makes you aware of each heartbeat. It is blurry and sharp, black and white and technicolor.

This place takes a lifetime to reach and and instant to enter. It spins you around until you are dizzy and forces you to focus on the tiniest details.

This place makes you smile and giggle like a silly child and plan the next 50 years.

This place floats and pulls.


I have reached that place.

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