That’s What It’s All About


One of the best things about “Em” coming home from visiting her dad for a few weeks is the love she gives to everyone in her family.

Em flew to her dad’s and back by herself this time; initially she was scared, but she quickly got over the fear and just looked forward to seeing her dad and then coming home. As she came out of the gate at the airport she ran to me, wrapped her arms around me and held on so tight I was sure she was going to leave permanent indentations on my shoulders. We stayed in that hug for what seemed like forever; she was so happy to be home! An audible “Awww!” came from the people waiting to board the plane to their destination.

Before we went home we stopped at my parent’s house so they could welcome Em home, too. Grandma sat in her chair and Em just about took a running leap into her lap to hug her. I’m actually fairly certain their hug lasted longer than mine did. Later Em sat next to Grandpa and played silly games with him; their way of cuddling.

And of course later in the evening, Aunti and Uncle came over to see Em, too. Again, Em lavished them with big, giant hugs.

And since she’s been home, she’s been blowing kisses at me, giving me kisses, giving me Kisses (Hershey’s kisses leftover from Christmas), hugging me extra tight and telling me multiples times a day that she loves me.

This, THIS, is what it’s all about.

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