The “Dating” Stage

If you haven’t heard about my goal to be a surrogate, please go here first.

The agency found me a match: a gay couple in London who pretty much knew from the start of their partnership that they wanted to be parents. I got to see pictures of them together and with their family and friends, read about how they met, their personalities and what each had to say about the other. I read through their profile and decided I was interested in being their surrogate! The agency sent them my information and I crossed my fingers.

The very next day I got confirmation back that the men were excited to read my profile and wanted to get to know me more! Woohoo! After a little bit of back-and-forth with the agency (being that the couple is in London, timing on phone calls is delayed), we scheduled a Skype session for the afternoon of Halloween! We’ll spend about an hour getting to know each other, talk about why we all chose to go the surrogacy route, learn about the support we’ve got from our families and medical histories. We’ll figure out how often we’d like to be in contact with each other, when we’ll actually get to meet in person (yay!) and go over all legal and financial aspects of the contract.

I’d already planned on leaving work early on Halloween (traffic is crazy!), so I’ll just grab “Em” and head home to “meet” the boys online!

I’m so excited!


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