The Luckiest Mom in the World

Every so often one has a need to brag about their life. Today I’m gonna brag on my kid. I don’t know why I’ve been so lucky with “Em” as my daughter, and I don’t know all the components that made her her, but with a bit of parenting, a bit of grand-parenting and luck, I’ve got one of the best kids a mom could hope for.


  • Loves to sweep – no really! She’ll ask my mom if she can sweep almost every day! She pretty much enjoys just about every aspect of cleaning; she’ll clean the countertops just because, she doesn’t mind cleaning the toilet, she’ll vacuum, load and unload the dishwasher without my asking, and dry dishes when we hand wash.
  • Loves to read. We’re currently in a battle with the school librarian (same as we are every year) to let Em check out whatever book she asks for. She’s in the middle of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and the librarian “let” her check out a book from the Boxcar Children series. Oy. But Em will read whenever she has the chance. On her road trip with my parents this past summer Em started Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when they first hit the road and had finished it by the end of the three-week trip.
  • Allows me to sleep in. Ever since she’s been able to pour milk out of the gallon jug in the fridge, Em’s had breakfast on her own if she’s awake before I am. And when she’s done with breakfast, she’ll either draw, read, watch mom-approved movies on Netflix, or play on the Wii.
  • Gives me a drawing almost every day, at least 3 if I’m not feeling well.
  • Is not afraid of creepy-crawlies. If she sees a spider she’s unfamiliar with she’ll come ask if it’s a good or bad bug. She’ll chase crickets out of the house and just the other day she plucked 3 snails off our outside wall!
  • Has a deep thirst for theology. On our walks to church each Sunday morning she’ll ask questions about God, Jesus, various biblical characters and rules. And because we share the same train of logic, when a question gets a bit deeper than most 7-year-olds would ask, I can try to relate it to something in our lives and she almost immediately says, “Oh! I get it!”
  • Gives long, heartfelt hugs. She’s a big “lover.” Every night when I tuck her in, she requires a hug before she climbs into her loft and then “demands” a kiss through the slats of her bed once she’s under her sheets.
  • Enjoys showers. I frequently have to go into the bathroom and tell her that she’s been in there too long.
  • Is a third-generation rocker. I grew up listening to “classic rock,” music from my parents’ generation and Em can sing along with most of them. She even kicks my butt at Stray Cat Strut on Rock Band (granted I’m playing guitar on Hard and she’s on the drums on Easy, but she still scores higher than I do almost every time).
  • Can sing. Like really sing. I know she’s young for voice lessons, but the girl’s got POWER when she thinks no one’s listening. She especially loves Adele.
  • Enjoys playing games and learns new ones very quickly. Her new favorites are Mexican Train (dominoes) and a new card game called Ratuki. She’s getting better at not being a sore loser, but she also assures me that she wants me to play “hard,” not go easy on her just because she’s younger.
  • Knows when she needs to be “invisible.” Case in point: this past weekend I attended my church’s Leadership Board Retreat, where the leaders of the church met for 7 hours. When we first scheduled the retreat, I expressed the need for childcare, but it somehow was overlooked. Em was very quiet while hanging out in the chapel, in the back of the meeting room and in the library. When she needed my help or attention, she was very careful not to disturb others at the meeting.

I can’t pinpoint any one thing that has led Em to be a very enjoyable child. It could be my parenting style, the chocolate I ate during my pregnancy, or just chance that she has always been like this.

Whatever the reason, I’m grateful. I often feel like I’m not a “true” single mom because I have it so easy. I could easily be the luckiest mom in the world.

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