Thoughts – April 17, 2011

Matthew 21:1-11
How did “the crowd” know to celebrate Jesus’ arrival and shout praises in His name? Who told them it was He that was coming? Were they following Him on His journey to Jerusalem? Were they still there when He was crucified?

How do we know if we are supposed to watch things happen or get involved? A collision on the freeway where firefighters and paramedics are on scene: do we step in to help? Is our participation needed? Or do we just drive on by, knowing that someone else is already helping the situation?

What if no one is there yet to help? We see a situation where someone is in need of rescuing or aid: do we step in to help? Will we do more harm than good? Or do we wait for the “right” person to come, someone with more authority?

What if I had been in Jerusalem the days leading up to Christ’s crucifixion? Would I have tried to stop what was foretold? Would I have had the strength and courage to try to intervene? Would I have stayed by His side even if I knew I couldn’t help? Or would I have hidden in my room, afraid to watch the horrible torture He was to endure?

As asked in today’s sermon, will I ignore, turn away from and deny the events that are remembered this week? Will I glaze over Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday, eager for Easter, Resurrection Sunday? Or will I immerse myself in the history? Will I attend the Maundy Thursday service? Will I take part in the prayer vigil on Friday, praying for 30 minutes? Will I perhaps watch The Passion of the Christ?

I know how the story ends. And I know how it begins again. The question is: will I get involved anyway, knowing I can’t change the outcome in any fashion? Will I skip chapters just because they aren’t pleasant? Or will I read the whole book, become a part of the story and allow it to change my life?

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