Thoughts – August 28, 2011

Acts 1:15-26

Picture two people, both you have entrusted an important task to: one makes an obvious mistake and owns up to it, and the other also makes an obvious mistake and places the blame on the first person. Which person would you trust to take on another task for you?

Why are we so afraid to take the blame for our mistakes? What is there to be afraid of? Of showing that we are not perfect? Of proving our humanity? Why would we rather have someone else pay for our problems, no matter how small the punishment? Even if there is no real punishment, just slander, what is the purpose? What purpose is served in showing the world that we would rather make a problem someone else’s fault than to take responsibility for our own?

Placing the blame on someone other than ourselves only does one thing: it shows the world our true character. Owning up to the blame also shows the world our true character.

Which characteristic are you proud of?

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