Thoughts – August 7, 2011

Genesis 27:1-40

How devastating to learn that all the tokens of wisdom our parent(s) may impart to us have been stolen by the person closest to us. To know that if we were to implore our parents to also give us their knowledge that it is second-hand, that our friend/enemy heard it all first. To first have lost all claim to the family heritage to the same fiend and now to lose your blessing can make anyone feel despondent.

But was it all the enemy’s fault? Could the victim be partly to blame, having not learned from the first time they were swindled, not figuring out how to gain and keep the upper hand? Couldn’t the victim take matters into their own hands, become proactive in learning things that would ensure survival in the event that they were ambushed again?

Too often we lament the tragedies that have befallen us, when instead we should focus on the blessings around us. And if the blessings are too hard to find, then we should create them; be someone else’s blessing. Find a way to be someone’s angel, savior, teacher, helper. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you” isn’t just about being nice instead of mean. It’s about doing FOR others what you wish others would do FOR you. The lack you feel from those you wish most had been there for you CAN be filled by you being there for others.

Go bless others. I’ll bet you find you’ll be blessed at the same time.

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