Thoughts – December 18, 2011

Luke 1:26-38

If someone doesn’t tell you what they want or need, how are you to know? If you don’t tell people what is in your mind or heart, how are they to understand you? Why is it so hard for us to ask for help when we need it? Why do we hide our fears and needs from others? Why do we still think that showing our fears to others will make us look weak? The difference between a hero and the would-be hero is that the hero realizes he is afraid of what is ahead of him and acts anyway/. The hero does what is right even if it is a frightening task. Being afraid of something doesn’t make us weak: running away from that fear does.

We are not alone in our fears. All of us fear something (or somethings). So why don’t we share those fears? Why don’t we ask for help or encouragement? And why don’t we give it to others when we see their fears? Telling your neighbor that you are there for them during their trials can make a hero of both you and your neighbor. We should always ask for strength from our friends, family and neighbors when facing something we believe to be stronger than us.

Imagine the strength you can feel with you neighbors, friends, family and God behind you. You always have an army standing behind you, ready to help and defend.

You just have to turn around and see them.

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