Thoughts – December 4, 2011

Isaiah 40:1-5, Mark 1:1-8

Christmas is almost here. Today is the second Sunday of Advent, the time to prepare ourselves for the coming Christ. The time to clean out the closets of our lives, to sweep away the cobwebs and crumbs, and to polish the ornaments around us that help bring a little extra sparkle to our daily lives.

Isaiah tells us to prepare the way for our Savior. But if our souls, hearts and lives are full of unnecessary clutter. If we don’t take the time to clean up the little scraps and bits of leftovers from our “normal” life, we won’t have a clean and clear path in front of us that will lead us to Christ. If our path is obstructed, it will take us that much longer to reach Him.

You can’t plant a bulb if the ground is full of other shrubs and weeds and rocks. You must clear a spot, make it easier for that bulb to grow and blossom in our sight. And you don’t plant that bulb behind a bush that will never let us see that new bloom, you plant it where you will always be able to see it and it will always be visible and accessible. Why ask the Lord to come in to your life if He will be hidden behind other events and priorities?

God is always available to us, but we still have to meet Him halfway. We have to make and leave room for Him. We need to blaze a trail and tend it to keep it from being overgrown again. But just making the path for God is not enough.

We still have to walk down that path. We still have to take that first step.

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