Thoughts – July 10, 2011

John 12:20-28

Why are we so afraid to ask questions?

Curiosity has a bad rap. If not for curiosity, we would learn nothing. If not for curiosity, our lives would be redundant and boring.

So why are we so cautious when it comes to the important questions? Have our questions been snickered at and gone unanswered too many times? Have we been shamed into repressing our questions, and eventually repressing our curiosity? Have we tuned our curiosity to only those things which are “approved” by society to be interested in?

When someone approaches you and asks about your faith, are you forthcoming? Do you satisfy their curiosity, or do you cautiously answer in an attempt to discourage the asker, the seeker from asking again? Are you afraid of what the person will think? Are you afraid of whom they’ll tell?

If curiosity killed the cat, fear killed the cat who saw what curiosity did to the first.

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