Thoughts – July 3, 2011

2 Corinthians 4:6-10 Genesis 1:26-31

What is “good?” Are we inherently good?

Is there some point early in our life that we make a conscious decision to disobey? What compels a young child to color on the walls when they are aware that it is a rule NOT to? What thought process occurs that allows the child to decide that they will break the rule? Is it a touch of evil? Is it selfishness?

Where is the invisible line that takes us from naive selfishness to deliberately bad? Is true remorse a sign that someone is not really “bad?” How many times are we allowed to make the same mistake, the same wrong choice, before we are deemed “bad?” At what age are children expected to only make a mistake once, to remember the lesson and not do the wrong thing again?

Where is that little line between allowing a child to make the wrong decision and being intolerant of an adult whose choices are again and again the wrong ones as decided by society and the law?

What is “bad?”

What is “good?”

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