Thoughts – June 12, 2011

Pentecostal: of Christian groups that emphasize the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:1-21

Am I Pentecostal?

Change does not happen by staying home where it is safe. Change, revolution happens when you take risks, leave your comfort zone, put yourself out there, share yourself. Share your beliefs. Take chances. Know where home base is; call home when you need help, but don’t be afraid to stay out a little longer. Home will always be there. Go home to refresh and renew resources, but do not stay long. Growth happens when we take those scary steps away from the familiar. And change does not matter if we don’t share it with people; if no one knows the changes we have gone through, do they really count? Does change from God come to us as fire and wind? Or does it come in a subtle way? Is there some announcement from on high, or do we even notice the change? Do others notice it before we do? If we are the first one to see the change within ourselves, how do we convince others to see the change? With works? With words? What if they won’t see the change? Do we continue trying to show them or do we move on to other people?

We need to lose our fears of sharing who we are and what we believe and stand for. Our strength comes from both within and without.

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