Thoughts – June 19, 2011

Genesis 1:26-2:3

We were created good

We are responsible for keeping creation good

We are blessed because we are part of God.

It is ALRIGHT to rest. God rested. God made rest Holy.

Recharge. Reevaluate. Recognize. Remember. And then re-invest your time into the world.

You cannot run on fumes 24/7. You need to refuel more often than you already do. The world will go on without you while you’re resting, but with a new battery and a full tank, you won’t be worried about running low and in turn you’ll see and do more than before.

You cannot skip resting periods for too long. It is impossible to enjoy the life and the world if you are always running around, filling time with activities. Some of life’s best moments happen in the silence, in the calm.

And it is in the calm that we hear God better, clearer.

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