Thoughts – March 13, 2011

Thoughts from today’s scriptures and sermon…

After Jesus fasted for 40 days, was he just delirious when he was visited by the “tempter?” Perhaps he was not “visited” but had the conversation with himself, maybe he was trying to decide whether or not he wanted to behave like the Son of God. Are we tempted by an outside evil or just by our own conscience? Or do we have evil IN our consciences? Is the “tempter” a part of each of us?

How much more evangelism would we perform on people in our own congregation, neighborhood and community if we recognized when others are forgetting they are God’s child? Why are we more afraid of teaching adults about Christ than we are of teaching children? Why are we as adults sometimes less enthusiastic about our faith and sharing our faith than we were as children or when we were new to our faith?

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