Thoughts – March 20, 2011

The saying about insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. If we don’t change our methods, change the ingredients, change the tools we use, how can we expect to have a different experience? Elbow macaroni plus boiling water plus butter plus milk plus cheese powder will always equal Mac and Cheese. We will never make Baked Ziti with the above ingredients and methods. So it is with our faith. If reading the same scripture, going to the same worship service, talking with the same people is not giving you the spiritual nourishment you need, use different ingredients. Step out of your comfort zone.

John 3:16 is one of the most well-known scriptures and is wrongly used in arguments. Many use John 3:16 to condemn those who do not believe in Christ. I don’t like condemnation of anyone for lack of faith. And I don’t like that people use John 3:16 to condemn. Because it’s actually John 3:18 that condemns. According to John, Jesus says that those who do not believe in Him are condemned. I take solace in the fact that it is John who says Jesus said this. This passage was written years after Jesus spoke to Nicodemus. In today’s society, if a person wrote a book based on hearsay without proof that the conversation actually took place or that the words were actually stated as they are presented in the book, society would be very cautious about taking the book at face value. We might take what we like from the book and ignore the parts we don’t like. Such is the way for many Christians when it comes to scripture; basing our lives and beliefs on the scripture we like and skipping over the scripture we don’t think applies to us. Is this practice right? Maybe not. But is is common practice. Perhaps we need to pay more attention to the scripture we DON’T like, figure out WHY we don’t like it and reevaluate our lives and selves to see if we don’t like it because it points out our faults or it is just not what sits right with our souls. But twisting scripture to fit our faith and our message to others doesn’t sit right with MY soul.

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