Thoughts – March 27, 2011

How do we connect? Tweeting, reading Facebook, blogs, text messages, emails, phone calls, snail mail, in-person conversations.

How many of these methods of communication do we use each day? Each week? How many of these things have we NOT done today? This week? We connect with the people in our lives in different ways depending on their preferences. Some people aren’t on Facebook, some don’t like phone calls, some are too busy for “face time.” The girl who feels uncomfortable looking people in the eye can write a blog that her friends and family read regularly. The man who works in a call center and CAN’T be on the phone so he prefers to have a conversation through multiple emails.

We make the effort to communicate with people in their comfort zones because we do what we can to connect. When we find the people with whom we REALLY have a connection, we do everything in our power to stay connected, even if it brings us out of OUR comfort zone.

Because connections keep us grounded, sane, growing, learning. When we lose those vital connections, we can become disconnected not only from our friends, but also from ourselves and the things that make us who we are. We must identify who our connections are and whom we are helping to connect to others.

Too often we try to count our connections, to see if we have more than the next person. But it’s about quality, not quantity. Having a large number of followers or friends isn’t important. What IS important is how often and how deeply we connect with the people around us.

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