Thoughts – May 20, 2012

Luke 24: 13-27

Today’s sermon was told as a story. A story based on today’s scripture. The point of the sermon was the importance of telling our story. Telling our faith story to others, telling our family story to others. If faith stories were not told and retold to strangers and family, faith would not grow and spread and touch the lives of others, would not encourage others to explore their own faith.

Why do you believe? What in your past, your family history, your personal experience leads you to believe that God is God, that Christ is Christ? What motivates you to live your life as close as possible to Christ’s example?

For myself, I don’t exactly know my story, at least not in words that I can easily string together in a comprehensible statement. But what I do know is that my works, the way I can best show people my faith in action, the best example of Christ I can emulate is to do for others what they cannot do for themselves. I give. I give blood, I gave a kidney, I’m trying to give a family a child, I pay for random strangers’ groceries when they have left their credit card at home and the cash they have is not enough. I give money to my church on a regular basis, including when I receive extra money I didn’t expect or earn. I have seen immediate and delayed results of my gifts and that is the affirmation I get that my faith “story,” as it were, is working, is a testimony that others can see.

My personal “story” is that if I cannot teach or heal or do, I can give to the best of my ability.

What is your story? What gives you the ability to stand up and say, “I believe in Christ?”

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