Thoughts – November 13, 2011

Psalms 90: 1-6, 16-17

Expect the unexpected – plan ahead

How can you plan for something that you can’t even think of, imagine, conceive? Sure, we can plan for disasters, have an evacuation plan in mind, stock up supples and have a supply of food just for the emergency.

But plans change. Something gets thrown in our path or some part of our plan falls apart or doesn’t work. Shouldn’t we have anticipated that? Planned for that? But if we try to plan for a specific disaster, the plans can take over our reality, our now.

Survival isn’t just about planning ahead, but being flexible. Acknowledge the changes you see ahead and make them work for you. Reevaluate what your main goal is, whether in your hour, your day, your week, your life. Look back to your main, basic goal and decide if this detour will take you away from your goal, or perhaps will it enrich your journey, allow you find something that will help you reach your goal, and perhaps even bring you to your goal a bit faster.

What about God’s plans? Do you think we are helping or hindering God’s plan for us and for the world? Do our plans work in conjunction with God’s plans for us? Are we able to change our plans when it seems God’s plans change?

Whose plans are more important?

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