Thoughts – October 23, 2011

Matthew 22:34-46

This week a friend posted a link to an athiest’s blog post and I felt challenged to really dig deep and ask myself some hard questions about my faith. I felt a need to ask these questions because sometime in my life, someone else will ask me these questions and I wanted to have the answers. As I asked myself more questions, I realized that I don’t have answers for them. And that made me angry. Angry that my questions seemed to shake up my faith rather than solidify it. I felt discouraged that I could not reach a stong, convincing statement about why I am a Christian.

When I stopped to think about it, I wasn’t really angry that I didn’t have the answers, but that I was expected to have an answer. That I was expected to not ask questions, but to take what I am taught as undeniable truth, as literal statements of is.

But today’s scripture illustrates that as a Christian, not only is it ok to ask questions, we are expected to ask questions. Hard questions. Questions that we and others likely won’t have an immediate answer to. Or ever have an answer to.

For me, being a Christian means believing that Jesus Christ came down to us from God, that He came to challenge our beliefs, He came to ask us the hard, unanswerable questions, He came to show us that we can live better by loving each other instead of fighting each other.

So I am a Christian because I choose to follow the teachings of a rebel, of a hippie, of a teacher, of a questioner. I agree with a lot of what He had to say, but I also follow Him because I question Him.

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