Thoughts – October 30, 2011

Matthew 6:25-29

Do you take the path of least resistance? Do you make a detour as soon as something difficult falls in your way?

Do you look at your feet when you walk, unaware of your surroundings and not looking ahead to prepare for what is coming? Do you find yourself on a different road than you anticipated because you didn’t see the sign telling you which fork to take?

Do you pull strange growth out of your path because it doesn’t look like it belongs? Do you immediately think something new and foreign is a weed that needs to be taken away before it can take hold and grow bigger and stronger?

Do you feel like you need to grow on your own, that you don’t need help, that you need to be “independent?” Do you feel like you need to plant yourself away from others to be your own person?

Do you see the things around you as inhibiting, overpowering, daunting? Do you see the older growth as outdated and in the way?

Do you feel like every choice is between good and bad? Do you feel guilt over the choices you make for yourself and your personal life and needs?

Do you forget that in death comes lessons, strength, growth? Do you step over the old and gone, passing by without remembering what good was done in the past life and what good is still being done in death.

Do you see the outsides of others and take what yousee as the whole truth? Do you forget to think that inside there could be a storm, a churning? Do you fault others for their collapse when no one, not even that person, saw it coming?

Do you not realize that you are someone’s strength? That someone listens to your every word, watches your every move and models your every decision? Do you not know that you are a role model for someone and also their lifeline?

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