Thoughts – September 4, 2011

John 4:1-15

Thirst is caused by an lack of water in our body. Our body signals to our brain, mouth and throat that we need to consume water to replenish the water that belongs inside ourselves.

The same thing happens to our soul when we thirst spiritually. Something inside our hearts, inside our minds and even inside our skin screams out to be fulfilled. Something draws us to be with people who nourish our spirits, be they family, friends, church, children.

Sometimes being around people doesn’t quench our spiritual thirst. Sometimes it’s only a place, a sound, a text. Something will fulfill the need to be refilled. And that something can change daily.

In John 4:1-15, Jesus speaks of living water, water that will quench our thirst eternally. I don’t think that means that being baptized or going to church once will satisfy our spiritual thirst; that performing one task or reading one text or proclaiming your belief once will be enough. I think what it means is that we initially thirst for more to life. When we read the Bible, sing the worship songs, share spiritual journeys with others, our thirst is quenched; we no longer question what life is about, what our future holds when we leave this Earth.

But we constantly seek other flavors. A little lemon water, a little mint… Various experiences only add seasoning to our spirituality. Returning to church week after week does not indicated that I am still thirsty, but that I am experimenting with different varieties of the same water. It also means that I am preparing myself to share the water with others.

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