Too bad he didn’t have a picture

“Would u ever meet up With a married guy? Even if u were compensated for your time (no sex) but to like go out to eat”

Take your wife out! What the hell’s wrong with you?

*35 years old with a job of “science” living in Placentia. Ladies: time to put a microchip in your husbands!


**He wrote back, so I kept responding:

Take your wife out!

“She cheated on me
Said if I have richest then go ahead, just make sure she doesn’t find out”

Then divorce her. What the hell are you doing staying married?

“Maybe onlooking for a way out. Idk. Still together for our son”

Your profile says you don’t have kids. And for most people, that’s not a valid reason to stay together. Kids are fine with divorced parents. It’s the lie of staying together that can screw them up.

“As a teacher, most my messed up kids are from divorced families. Trust me from experience. It hits around jr high”

It depends on how the parents treat each other and their kid. I know plenty of kids – friends, too – whose parents divorced when they were young and they were just fine. But you trying to date other people while not even considering divorcing your wife will hurt your son. You will not be able to hide it from him.

“So would it be better if I go to a strip club?”

No. It would be better if you either divorce your wife and have normal ethical relationships that are an example to your son and students, or remain married and faithful to your wife.

“Easier said than done. We’re u ever married?”

Yes. Married for 3 years. Divorced my husband when our daughter was 1. And she’s better for it because she knows WHY we are not married anymore, we do not harp on each other around her and she sees we are happier apart. Communication makes or breaks the relationship with your children when you are divorced.

“So no way I can get a hand job from u?”

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