Too Busy

For some random reason I decided to look at the amount of PTO (paid time off) I’ve taken at work this year. I get about 5 hours a paycheck (every two weeks); basically I get 16 paid days a year to take off for any reason. So far this year, I’ve taken off about 4. Which doesn’t seem like much, except that it’s not been 4 days in a row, or even a whole day. It’s been bits and pieces. Stuff for me here (food poisoning where I came in for an hour to get my morning reports done), leaving early to drive to L.A., school stuff, church stuff… And I’ll be taking 5 days off in the summer to counsel at summer camp. So that’s 9 days that I’ll have taken off.

While I was looking at my paystubs for the year, adding up all of the PTO I’ve taken, I came across a paystub that had “Funeral Leave” marked for 1.75 hours. Huh? Who died? Why would I mark that?

It took a while (and a helpful text from my sister) to remind me that it was a member of my church. Yikes! How did I forget that? I feel awful!

Life has been so busy (I almost said lately, but then again, when is it not busy?) and the year is already about half over! I can barely remember what I did last week, let alone 4 months ago! Thank goodness for my iPhone calendar (which apparently I forgot to use to mark the memorial service I went to) to help me function. And even then I’ll forget things until 2 days before when my iPhone reminds me of the next few days’ events.

Is it like this for all parents, or do single moms seem to suffer from short-term memory loss more often? I mean, I know I had/have “mommy-brain,” but this is getting ridiculous!

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