Try, Try Again

I’m not pregnant.

I went to Quest on Friday to get my BETA (blood) test done. Negative.

I wasn’t surprised; none of the HPKs I took showed even a hint of a postitive. After my initial let-down and second-guessing myself, I learned that none of the other embryos that were created at the same time as the one I was implanted with were viable. So it’s likely that the embryo I had was not very good, either.

I spoke to “the boys” today and they are going to be looking for a new egg donor, hopefully one who has donated before and has had successful embryos created from them. There’s no real timeline on when they’ll select a new donor; it depends on the selection available to them.

The boys will be coming out here again and will likely be here for both the fertilization and transfer!! Very exciting.

For now, I wait. I’ve stopped all medications, per my nurses instructions, and now I wait for the menstrual cycle from hell! The estrogen I was taking was increasing my uterine lining and the progesterone was keeping it at each level we increased it to. So I may not be a very pleasant person this week.

After the new egg donor is selected, she and I will sync up our cycles, just like I did with the last one. There’s a good chance I’ll be on the same drugs as before, but the doctor could choose to put me on different medications or use different methods of delivery.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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