U Down?

“hey beautiful im juan and u”
“u down to go to the park and make out”

Let me ask my boss if I can take the day off to get groped by a stranger.

“lol okay text me 714*******”
“ill be waiting for your response”

(One of the downfalls to online dating: tone and the rolling of eyes are not easily recognized via text)
I’ll let you know what my boss says. Thank you for waiting.

“your really going to tell him im going to grope u lol”

No, I’m going to tell him a strange man asked me on a Friday morning if we can go make out. A strange man who automatically assumes I’m a slut who’ll go out with anybody just to get a little bit of action. A strange man who doesn’t care to read profiles to learn about the woman he’s sending messages to and assumes he’s hot shit enough that a woman will go ga-ga over his invitation to meet up for a make out session. A strange man who has no respect for women.

“o sorry ill let u go bye”

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