Variety is the Spice of Life

I’ve heard it said that in your 20s you’re supposed to take risks, experiment, figure out who you are.

Well, since I’ll be entering my 30s soon, I still have no clue who I am and I’m not usually one for taking risks, this will have to count as an experiment. A fun experiment!

I went to my hair salon for my usual haircut. Just as my stylist was finishing up, I asked her to do one more thing. I needed some color, to cover up my grey hairs. She plopped the book of color in my lap and asked, “What’re you thinking?” which was followed by a “Nice!” when I pointed to what I wanted.

And I absolutely LOVE IT!!

(Bear in mind I am HORRIBLE at taking iPhone self-portraits)


It’s definitely different from the color I’ve had for a while, and I’m sure my mom will have some input to share on the exact shade, but I don’t care.

See? Self-portrait of me not caring what people think!


The brightness will go down a bit with the first couple shampoos, but I kinda like it this way!


One more cuz it was the only other one I liked out of 3 million attempts to make my nose look smaller than it really is.



And because I’m the worst when it comes to taking self-portraits: yes, it is all the same color. I struggled between finding a good angle for my hair or making my nose look less huge-ish. I picked the smaller nose. And I took these pics just after styling my hair, so some sections were not quite dry yet.

But YAY!! New hair color!

As Em said as she climbed in the car after school yesterday, “Whoa. Mom…you colored your hair? It’s RED!!! I like it!”

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