Week 4 Report

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You are reading a post about pregnancy. Be prepared for anatomically correct terms.


Assuming that my blood work on Thursday morning shows I’m still pregnant, today I am 4 weeks pregnant. For those who aren’t up-to-date on how the weeks are calculated, it starts with ovulation. Theoretically a woman becomes pregnant 2 weeks after ovulation. So by that standard, I was 2 weeks and 5 days “pregnant” when the embryos were implanted on June 3rd. It’s weird math and I don’t like it, but that’s how it is. So, assuming all is well after Thursday’s blood test, I will be due February 20th, 2013.

I’ve had a pretty decent first four weeks, considering these little embryos have only been here for a little over a week (and considering nothing really exciting happens the first four weeks with the exception of discovering that you’re pregnant). As described in my post last Friday, I tested positive on multiple HPTs Thursday, June 7th. My symptoms so far:

  • Crazy hormones – All week!
  • Breast tenderness – June 8th
  • Heartburn – June 11th
  • Nausea – June 12th

The up and down of my hormones makes for interesting conversations with people, personality changes and blog posts. I can only say so many times to people closest to me: I’m sorry. Things should get better, but right now I feel like sanity is slipping slowly through my fingers and I can only watch it happen.

The heartburn has only happened once so far, so I think it was just the foods I ate. The nausea I’m working on by wearing Sea-Bands. Not exactly fashion-forward, but have you met me? Wink I had some issues sleeping a few nights where I would sleep for two and a half hours, wake for a half hour, sleep for two and a half hours, wake for a half hour, etc. Not sure if that was related to the pregnancy or not; it stopped after 3 nights in a row.

The only other discomfort I’m experiencing has nothing to do with being pregnant. My daily Progesterone shots are starting to bother me. I’d been numbing my skin with ice before the shot (those are some LONG needles) and then using a homemade heating pad right after and it seemed to work for the most part. But I was still feeling sore the next day, so I wondered if the heating pad was even doing me any good. One week later I have lumps and bruises on my back that I haven’t had before and pain every time I move to stand from a sitting position, move to sit from a standing position or anything touches the lumps. So I’m back to using the heating pad again and currently am using it on the existing lumps to try to make them disappear; the lump on my right side is already gone!

I used to have 4 cups (coffee pot cup measurements) a day; not really a lot, but more than a pregnant woman is supposed to have. So for two weeks now I’ve been making smoothies at home and using those as my breakfast. As much as possible I buy produce fresh from the farmer’s market near my house and get the rest from Fresh & Easy. I don’t have a state-of-the-art food processor or blender, but they get the job done. I’ve been making the smoothies on the weekends and freezing them in pre-portioned bags in my freezer. Can’t go wrong with fruit and veggies for breakfast!

I’m in the process of deciding how much to share on this site. For the most part, pregnancy information is available all over the internet. But I know there are some people (boys!) who tend to visit this site daily, twice daily, 3 times a lady. So I’ll try to keep things updated without going overboard.

I’ll be weighing myself (as of today I haven’t gained anything) and measuring my stomach circumference weekly. “Baby bumps” will probably be posted bi-weekly once there’s more to my stomach than just me. And, with the boys’ permission, pictures of ultrasounds will be posted when they are available.

I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to talk to some people in-depth about this process. I am very open about the whole thing, so please do not hesitate to ask, whether that’s in the comment section below (I love comments!) or privately. If you’re curious about something, I’m sure others are as well. It’s amazing to see how many people are more aware of surrogacy now that they’ve heard about it from me. The level of interest in folks who aren’t really that close to me is awesome!

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