Week 6

Not a whole lot to report on this past week. Besides having my second BETA numbers come back and a bit of cramping on Saturday, there’s nothing to constantly remind me that I’m pregnant. Sure, I’ve got my daily shots (yes, still) and my surrogate support group, but I’ve had those since before the transfer(s). I’m not gaining weight yet, I’m not showing, I don’t have morning sickness (thank goodness!) and my face is relatively clear of acne (or, rather, it’s the same as it always is). It’s easy to forget for a while that I’m actually pregnant.

I created a page where I will update my weight and belly-inch changes since those don’t warrant a blog post of their own.

My cramping on Saturday seemed a bit odd; cramping after IVF is common, but this was at 5 weeks! I haven’t had any  cramping since the transfer 3 weeks ago, so it kinda freaked me out a bit. I did what I’ve been told: stay off my feet and drink lots of water. Kinda hard to drink more  water than I already do, but I made sure to keep water on me at all times. And I did a pretty good job of staying off my feet at home and at the retirement party I attended that afternoon/evening. By Sunday morning: no cramps. Not quite sure what that was, but I’m glad it’s past. Cramping while pregnant is scary, regardless of how many people tell you it’s normal.

By this time next week I should know just how many buns are baking in my oven. My first ultrasound (the fertility office called it a “pregnancy scan”) is on July 3rd, just one day shy of my being 7 weeks pregnant! I’m bummed the boys can’t be there, but I’ll be taking pictures and sending them emails as soon as the pictures upload! And, of course, I’ll update here as soon as I know the boys have received their emails/text messages from me.

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