Week 8

What an interesting week. Last Tuesday’s ultrasound revealed a healthy little stowaway measuring 2 days ahead of schedule. It was a mix of emotions after having thought there might be two in there, but one healthy baby is much better than none.

I was told I could stop taking the every-three-days delestrogen and to increase my daily progesterone from 75mg to 100mg. I’m not sure if it’s the increase in progesterone, the ultrasound results, my 2nd date, Em leaving for her dad’s house or a combination of all those, but I seem to be experiencing a wild roller coaster of emotions.

I have another ultrasound scheduled next week and I’ll be that-much closer to being released to my own OB and potentially ceasing the progesterone shots.

My appetite is still not back to normal yet, though I’m trying my best to eat more than my stomach wants. I constantly feel full, like I just finished my 3rd helping at Christmas dinner. I’ve currently lost 5 pounds and almost 2 inches around my waist. But, weight loss can happen during the 1st trimester; many women with morning sickness lose weight as well.

My energy level is down, but that is a combination of pregnancy and staying up late to talk to my guy. :)

According to the app I use to track my weight, waist and baby’s progress, my uterus is about the size of a grapefruit and the little stowaway is the size of a raspberry. (I think it’s funny that almost all the apps and websites use food as a reference-point considering food is not at all appetizing to me right now.)

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  1. Li'l Sis

    It really is crazy how each pregnancy is different. You are having problems eating, and I feel like I haven’t eaten in a week!


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