What Does A Mom Look Like?

Me, Grandma, Mom

Mother’s Day this year was warm and fuzzy. “Em” woke me up with breakfast in bed: oatmeal at 7:00 AM! Considering my alarm for church doesn’t go off until 9-ish, I ate it in bed and went back to sleep! Em had been impatient and had given me my Mother’s Day card on Friday. Even though it was a fill-in-the-blank card she made at school, the stuff she wrote in the blanks brought tears to my eyes. I think I must be doing a good job as a parent if her favorite recent memory of us together is me tickling her in my bed on my birthday morning and the only thing she wants of me is to play checkers (insert sickeningly sweet “awww” here _____ ).

After church in the morning, my sister, brother-in-law, daughter, mom, dad and I went to visit my grandparents. Grandpa still knows who we are, but Grandma doesn’t. Not that she cares; she’s just happy to have company. Em has visited her great-grandparents enough to understand that Grandma repeats things. A lot. And she knew to just keep saying “Thank you” when Grandma kept commenting on the pretty dress she was wearing.

After lunch at my folks’ house, my sister, BIL, dad and I played a bit of Rock Band. Ok, a LOT of Rock Band. I rocked the keyboards (duh) and Dad challenged himself with more advanced levels on the guitar. Em even got into it, singing into the mic even though it wasn’t being used. And she was GOOD! She even sang songs she didn’t know!

After Mom’s yummy chicken-and-rice-and-mushroom casserole for dinner my sister, BIL, mom and I played Texas Hold ‘Em. I was the first to lose all my chips, but it took over an hour, so I didn’t totally stink. Sister was excited to win, especially since it was her first time playing.

And, of course, I was excited to find my mom’s Mother’s Day present. I’d purchased it months ago and couldn’t find the confirmation email. I was so angry and upset with myself. But I eventually found it and was able to present Mom with a wine tasting for the two of us at The Wine Club in Santa Ana. I’m excited to have a girls’ day/night with her likely while Em’s at her dad’s house in the summer.

A fine Mother’s Day.

On a related note, I was in Target after 9:00 PM on Saturday night helping a friend pick out her mom’s Mother’s Day present; pampering bath things like foot scrubbies, music and such. I was looking for a shower cap and asked an employee where I could find them. She pointed me in the right direction and I thanked her. And she promptly said, “You’re welcome. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Do I look like a mom? I wasn’t in my pjs, I didn’t have Em with me and I was wearing make-up (shut up. I wear make-up more often than you think). Was the fact that I was seemingly by myself in Target on a Saturday night looking for a shower cap that just screamed MOM or was just she just saying it to every female who walked by?

What does a mom look like?

Yesterday my sister and I were talking about how people she was wishing a Happy Mother’s Day to were saying, “Thank you, you too!” even though she’s not a mom. She decided that she was having a happy mother’s day celebrating with our mom and me, so the greeting was accurate for her. And I said that she’s like a mom to Em, so it was kinda her day, too.

So what does a mom look like? Aside from pregnant women who, no matter their size, are obviously pregnant from the back (there’s just something different about the appearance of a woman’s back muscles when she’s expecting), can we easily identify mothers? They’re not always in pjs late at night in Target. They’re not always frazzled. They don’t always have kids hanging off every limb. They don’t all drive mini-vans. They don’t all make chocolate cookies from scratch.

Well, whatever they look like, we’re sure glad we have them around.

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