What next?

I’m here, God. Go ahead: give me all You’ve got.

Because right now I seem to be getting the scrapings from the bottom of the barrel.

You took our friend. You took him after You gave us the hope that we might have been lucky in catching his illness quickly. You took him after You gave him, all of his brilliance and all of his love to us. You took him after You gave him the wisdom and insight of a person 3 times his age. You took him after so quickly before we even knew what might be coming.

And You took him on a day that we have reserved for celebrating Your Son’s return to us.

You have saddened us all, rendered us speechless. The only words to describe how we are feeling is this: We haven’t felt this torn, broken and bruised since you took away Brad Carter. That is the only way we can express how we feel.

So, please. Tell us what is next. Because right now I can’t see anything past the next minute or two. All I see is a blurry landscape.

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